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Websites done right

We’re web developers that love to learn, collaborate and create amazing things.

We Build Tools For the Web


We work with small business and Fortune 1000 companies. Our approach is tailored to the client because no one size fits all.

Web Apps

We specialize in Learning Management Systems that deliver custom tailored content complete with user reporting.

Lead Generation

A content marketing strategy created to fit your business will have anything from SEO and Paid Traffic to List Building and Nurturing.

Social Sharing

Helping you connect all of your online platforms and resonating with the look of your website is at the core of our Audience Aquisition

Just a Few Examples

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place

We began as a small company hosting our own little part of the internet in 2000 and eventually ended up buying other hosting companies to expand into who Technetrics is today. This eventually created enough work and led to the creation of a web development company called Squawkdog. A business model with the concept ‘Web Rescue’. All to often we would come across unfinished websites with little to no budget left or the developer that can no longer be reached. This drummed up a lot of work.  We do the work because we love it. We like the industry. We like helping people we meet. We want to make the Web A Better Place. And both Technetrics and Squawkdog grew in parallel  for many years until finally merging and becoming the one company, Technetrics.  We work with small business and Fortune 1000 companies. Our approach is tailored to each client – we don’t believe that one size fits all. We’ve built every thing from single page Cafe Websites to $100k Product Release Platforms. Let’s talk about what we can build for you.

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How do you guarantee success?

Simple, hire people who love what they do.

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