Technetrics is not a giant corporate of faceless phone trees and nameless phone operators. We are a small group of professionals who is obsessed with our clients success. Because of our size we can mold our services to fit your needs, no the other way around. Don't shoehorn your needs into a pre-build bucket of services. Let us work out a solution that meets your needs.

We will never ask you for your customer number. We take pride in knowing every customer by name. If you have to explain who you are and which site is your, then you are with the wrong hosting provider.

We have completive rates to suit clients of any size. Along with great rates you also get our dedicated staff of hosting professionals ready to help you with any needs you may have.

Enterprise level hosting for web professionals. From dedicated virtual server to fully managed plans.

Don't have one? Worried about managing renewals? We can help!

Looking to set up a web store or just need more security? We can get you started for as little as $20.

Leverage your web visits to maximize you message.